About us

Cverde is an organization whose focus is to promote and practice sustainability; understood as integral human development in equity and constant balance with the natural environment. Being a platform of projects, we specify our objectives through these, applying them in different spheres or levels of society.


Being a key player in the consolidation of a sustainable relationship between natural systems under the conception of humanity as part of these


In order to materialize our vision we want to professionalize sustainability in a transversal way through direct intervention projects and, through this, ensure that new leaders can find the necessary spaces and tools to make an impact on Chile and the world.


Cverde started as a group towards the end of 2014, product of the team that had been repeated in the sustainability commission of the Engineering Students Center of the Catholic University of Chile the last years. It was sought to give continuity to this group that had been found indifferent to the elected students centers; the faces were the same and the work was shared with a common goal. The concern is then born to create a space where anyone could work towards sustainability in a transversal way, taking advantage of the team that already existed and without relying on another institution to make decisions and be able to apply them. In this way, we also opened the doors to work as an independent organization, being able to collaborate with other organizations, companies and individuals. At the beginning of 2015 it was that the name of Cverde emerges, which allows an interesting play on words while representing who we are; “Corporación Verde” (Green Corporation in English). It was in that year that we define our first board and begin to take out our first personal projects as an organization, but always closely linked to the Catholic University of Chile and its School of Engineering. In 2016 we released a new board, and it was a year of many growths; We consolidate as a group, improve in organizational terms and reach an important maturity. We build ties with social volunteers through our waste management project, Kit Verde. We started projects with larger entities of the university and we began to work in more serious areas, always working for the benefit of the environment. We move on to the year 2017, where we set out to leave the scene where we were and expand to the entire university and dedicate ourselves to work outside of it, already approaching the objectives of working throughout the country. We are part of important alliances with other organizations with a scope and work of many years, and we carried out our first version of the environmental university volunteer Operaciones Cverde, which made us grow a lot and reach places where we had not arrived before. Today, we are starting a new year stronger than ever, growing as always and doing things better and more ambitiously. From our beginnings to the present, we have established ourselves as a group of agents of change that generates impact and that develops and grows with the intention of bringing sustainability to be a transversal axis of society and the world. Join us!


Juan José Martin


Fernanda Arellano

Vice President

Carlos von Dessauer

Vice President

Paulina Tobar

Human Resources

Camila Garcés


Gerardo Butron